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The Elephant in Metro’s Room

Last Tuesday’s election was not a vote against “transit”; it was a vote against Metro and the status quo. The King County Council, the City of Seattle, FUSE, business communities, labor communities, social justice communities, transit advocates, Seattle Subway, STB, myself, and many, many others asked our neighbors to keep funding Metro near the level […]

Still Winning the War

We’ve lost some high profile battles in the last few months, but we haven’t lost the war. The Tunnel’s victory and Prop 1’s defeat are setback for those of us who recognize the cost 80 years of car subsidies have wrought on America’s health. The roads built for cars, the cities built around the roads, […]

The Tolled Tunnel, in Context

We created this graphic to place the Deep Bore Tunnel costs and capacity into context. It is inherently political, but the intention is to help citizens make an informed and rational decision and to maximize their return on transportation investments. The information used is easily accessible to the public. WSDOT has done an reasonable job […]