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The Elephant in Metro’s Room

Last Tuesday’s election was not a vote against “transit”; it was a vote against Metro and the status quo. The King County Council, the City of Seattle, FUSE, business communities, labor communities, social justice communities, transit advocates, Seattle Subway, STB, myself, and many, many others asked our neighbors to keep funding Metro near the level […]

Seattle’s Next Mayor

Since July, I’ve had a bad feeling about the Seattle Mayor’s race. Ed Murray was collecting endorsements left and right, wealthy groups were funding a new PAC, and he had lined up the vast majority of official support from the Democratic party. Polls where trending his way and the other serious challengers fading with only […]

Everything in its Right Place

Seattle’s been fighting over its future recently. Which is good, it needs to happen. Americans need to understand that in the new normal of the Great Recession, Long Slump, and Climate Change, a car dependant life style is a luxury few can truly afford and none should be forced into. We need to encourage growth […]