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Love and Hate of Country

What does it even mean to “love your county“? Certainly, not romantic love, nor familial love in the strict sense. Surely it is deeper than celebrating a piece of art or rejoicing over a sporting event, though for some people at some times, both can surely reflect a deep, love. But a country is so […]

Time to Leave

The massacres across Egypt yesterday illustrate the tyranny of military rulers. Men who are taught, trained, and practice solving problems with violent tools will eventually fall back on those tools when confronting complex problems. Clearly the hope I felt at Morsi’s ouster was sorely misplaced. The irony that Morsi was displaced by the same authoritarian […]

The Head and the Heart

If it wasn’t clear before, Obama and Netanyahu don’t get along. And since all politics are intensely personal, this rift between two men who just happen to be the leaders of the United States and Israel, could cause real damage to both countries, especially in regard to Iran’s nuclear program. But what it doesn’t prove is that Obama is […]

The Ace of Spades

It’s good news for the country the Supreme Court will be hearing the case testing the validity of the Affordable Care Act. We need a clear answer from them so the country can move forward and focus on the policy instead of the constitutionality. But the politics and drama of this hearing and of the […]