One Way Out

John Boehner is a threat to national security. We could have avoided this crisis but for his ego. The House of Representatives could have passed a clean continuing resolution with a combination of Democratic and Republican votes soon after the government shutdown began, possibly before. It would simply take the Speaker of the House – John Boehner – to schedule and allow a vote on a continuing resolution or compromise with the Senate. Instead, our country and the industrialized world find itself on the brink of economic disaster. This could literally the moment in history when the American experiment begins to fade from greatness. Because one man is unwilling to risk his lofty position in government for the good of his country.

We must look like fools to the Chinese government, like children to the British. The Soviets thought we were an unpredictable threat and we’re proving it true to the Russians now. Someone, some nation, will capitalize on the historic opportunity if we default. We’re already eroding the confidence in our nation. Combined with our decade of wasteful, arrogant war and we look like a nation in decline. And John Boehner is allowing this car crash to happen.

He should resign immediately after allowing a vote on the current Senate deal or a clean CR. Let the majority of Representatives cut lose from the Tea Party and elect a new Speaker with a bipartisan majority. Historic times call for historic action and a coalition of House Leadership would be that.

John Boehner, for the good of your country, resign as Speaker of the House.

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