Time to Leave

The massacres across Egypt yesterday illustrate the tyranny of military rulers. Men who are taught, trained, and practice solving problems with violent tools will eventually fall back on those tools when confronting complex problems. Clearly the hope I felt at Morsi’s ouster was sorely misplaced. The irony that Morsi was displaced by the same authoritarian forced displaced three years ago is tragic. “Emergency” rule has returned. Citizens are executed by their government, such as it is.

The desire of US politicians, writers, and activists to “do” something is understandable. But we lack the diplomatic, military, or stealth tools to influence Egypt’s chaotic state. The best we can do in this case is to fall back on our own principles of Life and Liberty, promoting those ideals to all parties involved. We shouldn’t enable any side to suppress the other sides. Egyptian society is not our play thing. The Obama administration should therefore acknowledge the July 3rd coup for what it was and immediately end the military aid to Egypt. Pragmatism and realpolitik have their limits. It’s time the United States recognized our own.

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