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Medical Pot and EBT

When I stepped out of my house around 6am Tuesday, I noticed a news van at the end of my street near the medical marijuana dispensary. Concerned that there has been a robbery, I went to investigate. No robbery fortunately, just KIRO doing a story on a bill in Olympia that would end the ability […]

Voting to Strike

The contract negotiations between Boeing and SPEEA – the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace – is a small battle in a much larger war between the labor and management. That violence is a readily accepted metaphor shows the foolishness of the current fight and the missed opportunity to grow the shared economic pie. […]

City of the Future

The City of the Future I done a bit of traveling over the last few months and it’s given me a chance to compare Seattle to some famous cities. And for all it’s flaws and shortcoming, despite it’s infamous “process” and passive aggressive streak, Seattle at the cutting edge of cities and posed to be […]

Over the Edge

A Republican friend asked me recently what I thought about the upcoming fiscal cliff, pointing out that the CBO estimates the combination of spending cuts and tax increases could reduce GDP by up to 4%. So now conservatives are for government spending? I understand the political posturing and mental back flips, but it erodes my […]

The Steady March of Progress

Today’s wonderful enshrining of equality in Washington State is another step forward in the Unite State’s steady march of progress. Yeah, we started with high ideals and some rotten application, but over the last 236 years, we’ve made progress. Adult male suffrage, the end of slavery, woman’s votes, true religious freedom, and now gay rights, […]

Everything in its Right Place

Seattle’s been fighting over its future recently. Which is good, it needs to happen. Americans need to understand that in the new normal of the Great Recession, Long Slump, and Climate Change, a car dependant life style is a luxury few can truly afford and none should be forced into. We need to encourage growth […]

The Head and the Heart

If it wasn’t clear before, Obama and Netanyahu don’t get along. And since all politics are intensely personal, this rift between two men who just happen to be the leaders of the United States and Israel, could cause real damage to both countries, especially in regard to Iran’s nuclear program. But what it doesn’t prove is that Obama is […]

I Have Foreseen It

The Keystone Pipeline, like the oil it is designed to carry, is a terrible deal. For a few thousand temporary construction jobs, we enable Canada to rape the landscape, pollute their water, and further dig our Climate Change hole. And yet someday, this pipeline or one with an identical purpose will be built. It’s simply […]

On Statistical Significance

Dear Max, Please review your lessons on statistical significance and blocking your experiments. Your data set can skew your analysis, and frankly, this kind of error casts doubt on the rest of your work.      

The Ace of Spades

It’s good news for the country the Supreme Court will be hearing the case testing the validity of the Affordable Care Act. We need a clear answer from them so the country can move forward and focus on the policy instead of the constitutionality. But the politics and drama of this hearing and of the […]