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The Ace of Spades

It’s good news for the country the Supreme Court will be hearing the case testing the validity of the Affordable Care Act. We need a clear answer from them so the country can move forward and focus on the policy instead of the constitutionality. But the politics and drama of this hearing and of the […]

Still Winning the War

We’ve lost some high profile battles in the last few months, but we haven’t lost the war. The Tunnel’s victory and Prop 1’s defeat are setback for those of us who recognize the cost 80 years of car subsidies have wrought on America’s health. The roads built for cars, the cities built around the roads, […]

Why I’m a Democrat

In principle, I agree with Frum that less government is better for society. But I also believe that the environmental decisions should be prioritized and that businesses should not commit fraud. That roads are maintained and open to all. That gas stations  pump a gallon of gas for every gallon sold, and that buildings are […]